Coach Comp America knows how valuable your employees are to you and how costly it is to your company when they cannot perform duties because of a work-related illness or injury. This is why Coach Comp America provides optimum medical care in a comprehensive Occupational Medicine Program.

Streamlined communications between Coach Comp America’s professional team and your company’s representative facilitates positive results and a safe return to work for your employees. And now, Coach even offers Urgent Care services at a deep discount to your employees.


• Experienced in all aspects of Workers’ Compensation injuries,
illnesses and exposures

• “One Stop Shopping” for Injury Care within a full-service Occupational Medicine Center

• Orthopedic supplies and drug dispensing available on site

• Appropriate communication with patients, physicians, case managers, adjusters & employers

• Treatment emphasis on Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Maximum Function

• Convenient locations with easy access and ample parking

• Flexible scheduling

• Most workers’ compensation insurance plans accepted